Merry Christmas

“When there is great love, there are always miracles”
Willa Cather

We wish each one of you not only a merry today,
but also a day filled with Christmas miracles.

Our family will gather along with Stacie’s parents, sister and Gramma for a holiday celebration.
We will sing, light the fires of wonder, dine on Christmas Goose,
and embrace the surprises the day will bring.
We have a white Christmas here in Ann Arbor , a fire in the hearth and the love of one another in our hearts.

We know that our sweet Benjamin and precious brother Jerry are “busy with Jesus”, celebrating with us in the mystical sense of heavenly presence.
They are as close as our next breath and for this we are thankful.

We wish you health, wealth and happiness and a goldne crown in heaven.

God bless everyone,

Doug and Joanie

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Eve of St. Nicholas

Yesterday Doug had his six month post transplant evaluation.
We are delighted and most grateful to report that the test results came in on a most positive note.

Doug is growing in strength and vigor, his breathing is greatly improved and his medication regime is being decreased.
For this huge, huge and gracious plenty, we are humbled.

We want to express our gratitude to each one of you who stood by our family throughout this year of treachery. We know that we have been carried by God’s grace and your prayers, friendship and generosity.
We now feel most deeply that our beloved Benjamin and his most illustrious uncle protector, Jerry have done everything they could from their heavenly home to encourage us toward healing and restoration.

Today is the eve of St. Nicholas. In many European countries and and in our family, the custom of putting out shoes on this night has elicited the surprise of a St. Nicholas treat.
May I encourage each one of you to place your shoes outside your bedroom door before you retire, dreaming of the wondrous surprises you might discover in the morning.
Of course, each one of us can be a secret smile by leaving a smile and a kind word wherever we go.

God bless each one of you and may your Advent Season be filled with the many rhythms of “it’s going to be a great day”

We love you,

Doug and Joanie

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Five months post transplant

Today marks the five month anniversary of Doug’s transplant.
We are delighted to report that he is doing quite well.
His labs and other markers are all indicating that the procedure was successful and he is reaching for recovery.
This is remarkable news and for it we are beyond grateful.

Now is the time to thank each one of you for prayers,support on every level and for simply being with us on this remarkable journey.

Today marks one month since our beloved Ben left our house for what turned out to be his last trip to U of M.
His passing has left quiet stillness within our hearts and home.
It is comforting to know that Ben is safe, no longer suffering having completed his earthly journey.

Our family now concentrates on my brother Tom who is currently a patient in Henry Ford Hospital, downtown Detroit.
Tom is seeking healing from double pneumonia and a strange as yet unidentified bacteria.
We are holding him to the Light believing that he will come through with flying colors.

There are many reasons to focus on the gifts of life, to appreciate the fullness of time and treasured ones.
Please join us in a prayer of gratitude that “all will be well, and all manner of things will be well .

God bless,
joan and doug

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Dancing the ritual of mystery

Today our family will gather to come to terms with the stark reality…Our beloved Benjamin is for sure “busy with Jesus”
He is not suffering, he is no longer confined to the limitations of his earth suit. He has accomplished that which he had promised so many times, “Now Ben will go to heaven” And so it is,
he is not suffering, he is no longer threatened by the limitations of pneumonia, the restraints of so called protection. He is free, free at last.
We are left with a new sense of mystery…we shall move about in the quiet spaces, we shall sit in the swing he never got to use, we shall wander about in the wilderness of our grief…we shall sing and dance for him…we shall tell the truth….this very huge change has taken place within our family, we are sad…..

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St Clare’s

Dear Ones,
After a bout with pneumonia, Ben Carson, son of Doug and Joanie Carson, passed from this life late this afternoon.
A wake will be held for Ben at Nie Funeral Home this Sunday from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm at
3767 West Liberty

We will hold a Memorial Service Eucharist on this Monday at 1 pm at St. Clare’s, followed by a reception in the Social Hall.

Ben was a bright spirit who lived with many health challenges, and we will grieve his loss and celebrate his release into joy.

Let light perpetual shine upon him, and fill him with all of God’s love.

The Rev. James C. Rhodenhiser

This email was sent by James Rhodenhiser at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church.
2309 Packard Road | Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734-662-2449 x201

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Visitation Sunday 2:00-4:00pmĀ  & 6:00-8:00pm

Nie Funeral home

Liberty Road Chapel
3767 W. Liberty Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Telephone: (734) 302-1000

Funeral Monday more details coming

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Love you Ben

With a broken heart and the peace of knowing Ben has completed his struggle, I said goodbye to my brother today.

He was surrounded by family and I held him as he passed.


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